Diary Pre-op...continued


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November 02, 2000

I'm already bouncing out of my skin. I hate waiting. I plan on calling the doctor's office on Monday (Today is Thursday) to get an update. My back is killing me. I'm going to bed, now.


November 06, 2000

It's Monday. I called the doctor's office, as planned. I asked them if they had gotten an update. She said that they sent in the info to the insurance on Thursday (Aah!) and that they should have gotten it on Friday. I asked her how long it typically took to get a response back? She said it usually took 2 weeks to get into their hands, and to give it a month. A month!

I am such a patient person, usually, but to me it's been some years now, already, and a month longer seems like an eternity to me. BUT, I have to be patient. One, for the sake of my sanity, and two because I don't want to mess up my karma with any negative energy!(haha)

Well, bye for now. 


November 08, 2000

Rita called today. It was so nice hearing from her. It turns out that she was having a follow up appointment with Dr.L. right after mine. When I had told Dr.L. that she had referred me, he told her I had been there earlier that day. She was totally excited for me. She said she remembered the time between the first consultation and insurance response. She had gone crazy with impatience, too. It's really nice having her to talk to. She said that she hasn't gone to wearing bras yet. She is still just wearing brasier tanks, but that it has been about 4 weeks, and she can go back to instructing at the gym, again, soon. I'm excited for her. I know she is really looking forward to it. I plan on keeping her updated. It's 1:56 in the morning. I'm gonna take a shower and get to bed.


November 10, 2000

I went to the gym, today, and practiced some of my kickboxing. A friend of mine who's really into k-boxing saw me practicing and taught me some new moves. It was fun. My back is a little achey, now, of course. BUT, no pain, no gain. That's about it. I'm still being as patient as possible about waiting. I've been trying not to even think about the reduction. This proves to be a fruitless endeavor, naturally! Well, I'll update you, again, later.

November 12, 2000

It has now been almost two weeks since my original appointment, and still I have about two more weeks to wait 'til I'll know the details of my reduction from the insurance. I'm going crazy! I went Christmas shopping yesterday, and kept seeing all of these wonderful clothes I'll be able to wear, soon. In one way it kept me calm about waiting, 'cause I knew it would be soon. On the other hand, it made me more anxious. I don't know! Soon. Very soon....I'm looking forward to the holidays.

November 13, 2000

Blah! The same as usual. Tried not to think about the reduction. Failed. But, that's okay. I'm becoming a little more patient. My time will come, and I don't at all want to be ungrateful for even the opportunity to have this done. Some people aren't as lucky. I've got to remember that.... Well, I'll go, for now. Oh, and by the way! The posts will get a lot more interesting when I get a call back from the Ins. Comp., I promise. Right now, there's just a lot of waiting. But keep reading!