My Questions


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I had a series of questions I asked , but here are a few of the key things that mattered to me:

~Do you use staples or stitches? Are the stitches the dissolvable kind?

~ Will the procedure take place in a hospital or this clinic?

~ Will you be assisted by a secondhand nurse during the procedure?

~ Do your patients wear basic bandages or a medical bra after the surgery?

~How long is the healing time generally, before you can return to everyday things?

~Do you use drainage tubes?

~When can I shower again?

~The women in my family are very hard to "numb", though we have a high pain threshold, will it cost extra to be "drugged" more? (haha. This seems comical to me)

~Do you perform more than one type of procedure? If so, what kinds?

~Will you have to do a free graft or will my nipple stay intact? If you do a free graft will my areola be uneven or funny shaped?

~Do I have a choice with shape, or is that just with augmentation?

~How long is the wait between the insurance acceptance and the surgery?

Etc. Etc. Etc.