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Patrick Hudson: E-sthetics: HUGE amount of questions. Lots of important info.

Breast Reduction FAQ: Good collection of Q&A's for breast reduction.

Your Questions:

These are some of the questions that some "Future IBTC Members" asked me. I will answer to the best of my abilities. (Remember, I am not a doctor, and may be wrong in some cases! However, I have done my good share of research. So, you can probably trust my answers):

 "What is an FNG?"

(FNG- Free Nipple Graft) A free nipple graft is usually performed on women with very large, pendulous breasts. The surgery consists of detaching the nipple from it's blood supply, moving it up to it's new designated place, and stitching it back on as a free graft. This means it will no longer be attached to it's original blood supply, but to a new blood supply in the new site. You won't be able to breast feed after an FNG.