Diary Pre-op


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October 30, 2000

My first appointment:

It has been a few years now and all fear of scars and self esteem issues have diminished. I just want to be active, wear clothes that fit me, again, buy a two piece bathing suit that is in it's original set, and work easier without feeling like my breasts are the constant focus! So...I set up my appointment for October 30, 9:45 am.

(What a relief to feel like I am finally on my way!)

I arrived to my appointment with Dr.L. at 9:30 am, as planned. Very unusual for me. I am late for everything! My mom came with me for moral support (and also because she wanted desperately to get it done, too, someday. So, it was informative on her part.) The consulatation started off with Dr.L. asking me simply, "What can I do for you?"

Oh, boy! What a question! I proceded by rambling on and on about the trials and tribulations of large breasts (dot, dot, dot...)

He asked me a few medically necessary questions to confirm what we filled out on the forms, in the waiting room. After that, he left for a few minutes and told me to change into the medical gown (no bra). When he returned a nurse was assisting him. He told me to sit back in the examination chair, and gave me a breast exam to check for unusual lumps, etc.

For some people you are required to get a mammogram before BRS, but due to my age, and other things, I shouldn't have to get one.

He, then, told me to stand up and took this metal thingy that looked like it should be sporting a fish on the end of it, and very lightly clamping underneath and above my breast, showed me by the point at which the end of it landed, where my areola (nipple) should be.

Wow! It seemed almost too high! But, then again, I don't remember what it looked like to have "small boobs", so....

Then he took a typical measuring tape, and basically, proceded to measure (and I say this in my own words)... he proceded to measure the "droop" of my breasts. And what's depressing is I NEVER KNEW I was uneven! I looked perfectly even to myself and my mom. Uh! Se Lavi.

For those whom it matters, like I said, Dr.L. was assisted by a nurse, and my mother was in the room. I'm not modest at all and he was purely professional, naturally. But, if anyone is uneasy about a stranger poking and prodding your "twins". Have no fear! It's over before you know it.

Well, he left, again, and the nurse took two side shot pictures of my breasts with a wall mounted camera, and one front shot polaroid. These were to send to the insurance company, since mine wasn't a cosmetic procedure.

After that, I got dressed and we met Dr.L. in his office to discuss the procedure (pros, and cons, and possible complications).

While my mom and I waited we looked at his Before and After pictures. The only thing concerning was that Rita's pictures weren't there and everyone else was a lot older than me, so I didn't have too much to compare to.

Like I said, we discussed the pros and cons of BR, and possible complications. I brought some pictures to show him of things I liked and didn't like, etc. I asked him as many questions as I could remember, but naturally, not as much as I had originally planned to. (With all of the questions that had built up over the years, I was fairly short with them!)

But, by then, I had made up my mind:

I was getting it done, period!

So, he got my info prepared to send to the insurance company. He told me I shouldn't have a problem getting coverage due to the fact that I am reasonably thin, and have a small bone structure, so they couldn't pull that "lose weight, or else" nonsense on me.

His only concern was that they might require me to go smaller than I had wanted. I told him straight up and honestly that I really didn't want to be droopy and itty-bitty, but if things came down to it, I would get itty-bitty implants to fill them out.

And so, I left- Nervous, but content in the outcome.