Day of Surgery to post-op


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DAY OF SURGERY!!!(January 8- January10)

 I give my new itty bitty's two thumbs up!

 They look great. I feel pretty good, and all has been going very well. The first night I had a very hard time sleeping, but I got my drains out the next day at 1:30 pm and that night I slept a lot better. I guess that helped. My incisions from the drains are already closed up.

I had the option of taking a shower the next day or that night (the night with no drains), depending on how I felt. But, I really wanted to get a good look at my boobs, so I opted for a shower that night. They look really good. They are just starting to bruise 3 days post op, and I can see that gravity is already making them drop into the more "breast-like" shape.
Although I have tons of nervous energy, I've been trying soooo hard to pin myself down to my bed, or a chair, or something, and not move. It is sooooo hard! I started sleeping longer and longer hours for the last two days, but today, I've only slept about 2 1/2-3 hours at a time, and I'm having "mini" nightmares along with it. Very wierd dreams.(??) Don't ask me!! Not much fun. Ah, well.
I have been taking medicine for my massive itching. I'll post the name of it later, since I've forgotten right now. (Update: is was called Naproxen, an easy brand to find is Aleve) I have gained feeling in both of my nipples. More in the right than the left for now, but a good sign either way. It was pretty easy to move around on the second and third day, but today I feel every single little tug in every direction. I guess 'cause my incisions are healing, so they're tighter. (not my muscles or anything). I'm getting paranoid about how much I do, which I guess is good anyway.
I'm still taped up, but I get the stitches around my areola taken out on Monday, and I assume the tape will either go or be replaced then. I hope the doctor is still pleased with them then.
I am very happy about size, and even with their funny shape right now. I look like I just got IMPLANTS or something. Lol!! They are so high. It's funny. At the current moment I don't know how much my doctor took out. I only assume he took out the planned 450 grams each (about a 1 pound each), but I'll ask on Monday. Either way they are so small and perky and cute, I could never complain!! I don't think I even had these when I was 12!! haha.
Right now, I'm just gonna take it easy, and force myself to get some R&R.
I want to thank the girls at Itty Bitty's Forever: Thanks so much girls for being here for me!!! I love you much for that!!! You girls are so sweet for making an "Alecia" discussion topic!! Thank you so much! I haven't had much support from my friends lately 'cause they've all been "too busy." All of my best friends are guys, and they're being really jerky, lately. My only guess is that they will be a little wierd 'til I'm "back to normal." So, I've just got my family and you girls. But, it's all okay! You are all great. So, thanks, again!
I promise to give you the "at the hospital" story, soon, but I'm already whipped from all this typing, so I'll type more later!
Love and much respect,
Alecia Hope

January 12, 2001

Well, as feared I have pulled something somehow, and hurt myself a little bit. I was trying to see if it was at all possible to take a brief bath to relax my tense muscles from hardly moving the last few days. Well, I haven't had a problem with grabbing things high in the kitchen cabinet, but when I reached for a magazine that was on a high counter connected to my Jacuzzi, I felt something yank, and I immediately decided that was a bad idea. I got out and opted for the shower. Which is fine, since I've been taking them every day since the day after my surgery. But, unfortunately I was still very sore on my right side incisions. So, now I know I REALLY need to take it easy. I'm still supposed to see the doctor on Monday. Hope that all goes well. My bruising is fading. but my side is so sore, so I need to pump up the meds a little bit 'til it's better.

I'll update you more, later!

January 14, 2001

My side feels better, but I still have restricted motion to it. I've decided I'm going to start using my left arm for things for the next few days to give my right a bit of a rest. It's been weird adjusting to.

I can't wait to get my stitches out! Whoohoo! I hope they'll take my tapes off then, or atleast change them over so I can see how they are looking in their entireity.

Just a few things about the day of my surgery, since that was promised:

When I started waking up, I felt horribly cold. I mean unbelievably cold. I think they forgot to thaw out my IV bag, 'cause it literally felt like my veins were filled with ice. My mom said that's what they did when she was pregnant with me, and it was equally horrible. I could not stop shaking like a cardiac arrest victim. Ugh! The worst part was that I couldn't move much or say anything, so I had to deal with it. Not that there is much they could have done. Don't fret though that was the only really bad part.

Eventually, they rolled me out to see my family. I was trying SO HARD to fight out of that anesthesia! I hated not having control of my body. My dad bought me a kissy teddy bear which was sweet. I had to spend hours eating gross stale crackers, and drinking sprite. The sprite tasted SO good after those horrible crackers. I wanted to be alert so bad, but my mom said to just rest. That was so hard since there was no way I could rest comfortably.

The nurse kept trying to get me to use the ladies room, which was fine and dandy except, I got nauseous every time I had to walk to the bathroom.

I was getting a little frustrated. I couldn't believe it was so hard to convince myself to go. It took all day to finally be able to go the tiniest bit. After that I was free to leave.

My dad had gone to a bakery shop, and was eating the WONDERFUL chocolate pecan thingies. I had to have one on the way out. OMG, they were so good after not eating anything, (but crackers) all day long!! I gorged on that happily. The ride home was a little bit rough. Not as much the bumps, as the car sickness. I had to stop every few miles, and get out. I never threw up, though.

Once I was home everything was good. I had to have my mom sleep with me the first night 'cause the drains were so uncomfortable, and I just could NOT sleep. How we worked it out is I couldn't sleep in my bed easily, so I slept on the couch. But, I couldn't sleep on my back comfortably there, nor sitting up , so she had me lay against her and that was perfect 'cause it was just the right angle that nothing was tugging. She is so great!! I love my mom!

That's it for day one. When I got my drains out the next day, it didn't hurt one bit. My sides were a little bit sore that night, but that's it.

Well, I gotta go for now.

I'll keep you updated....


January 15, 2001

I got my stitches out! Yeah! They look really good, except for the yucky yellow stuff they put all over them. All of my food for the first few hours tasted like antiseptic. lol. It didn't hurt at all. Which I'm happy to say was a relief. They didn't take the tapes off, which is fine. He said let them fall off at will. So, I will. That's about it. My nipples are SO hyper sensitive right now. They are just pointing out like crazy. It kinda stings, but not really bad or anything. That's it for today! Later.