Diary Post-op continued


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January 23, 2001

Well, I guess the fact that I haven't written in a while should be a good sign! I am doing great! My boobs are starting to look more like boobs! Lol. I am very happy....Endlessly happy with the results! I have no bruising, now. My swelling is completely gone on the right and almost gone on the left. My tapes are coming off a little at a time, and my scars look great so far. I didn't set any expectations which is probably what makes it so easy to be happy with what I have...and what I have is a blessing! I am able to wear normal bras, again, although I prefer the soft ones still. I am so excited to be able to go bra shopping!!! Can you believe I haven't, yet??? Well, I wanted to wait 'til I knew I was no longer swollen. I would hate to walk into a dressing room and get really depressed because my bra size is still big cause of swelling! I have gotten many compliments. My guy friends are back to normal. If you didn't read my earlier diary entries, they were being really jerky 'cause I guess they weren't used to it, yet. But, all is back to normal, now. I haven't had any spit stitches, yet. I'm not sure when to start massaging lotion into my scars? I'm not sure when is too soon? I'll ask the "ladies", later.

I'm just excited to see them "progress", 'cause I know soon I will be back to normal and I have never felt NORMAL! Thank you so much everyone for being so supportive of me through my entire process! You are all angels!

Later! ~Alecia


January 24, 2001

Hey, girls! I'm starting a new job soon so I'll be back and at it again! I'm very excited. I would like to see people again! Lol...Well, no new updates...Talk to you later!


February 03, 2001

I am so giddy right now! I have met an awesome guy and I feel so great because I feel normal for the first time in my life! I'm going to tell him about my BR soon, because I think it's important he knows early on incase it be a problem. Which in that case would make him a loser! haha j/k Anyway. Just thought I would share my giddiness with my girls! Life can be great on the other side of the rainbow!!! :)

Love, Alecia


February 20, 2001

Well, my job has kept me pretty busy, lately! Sorry I haven't posted much, but to be honest there's not much to say! I am healing great. I have had a few spit stitches, but they are SO unnoticeable. I can't even feel them, and they come right out! I had a tiny (we're talkin' REALLY tiny) opening on the bottom of my left breast, but put some "Monkey's Blood" on it (Update: The Medical Term for Monkey's Blood is Chlorhexidine Gluconate...The brand I used was Hibiclens of Zeneca Pharmaceuticals), and it healed right up! I think I am going to have a little problem on my bottom right, because it looks fluidy like a blister (again, very very tiny) but I think once I put my magic stuff on it, it should heal right up as well. My scars are smoothing out more and more and more and I am very happy with my appearance all around.

That's it for now!


February 25, 2001

I was right! I'm pretty good at predicting my body reactions. I had a microscopic size blister opening on my bottom right breast, but I put my M. Blood on it and it is all healed up! They are really starting to look good now! I never thought I'd be able to say that! Later, ladies! Alecia

February 28, 2001

I bought me some bikinis!!!! This is so awesome! Usually, I can only find one bathing suit, IF I'm that lucky, and I found THREE adorable bikinis. ALL from the same sets and prettier than anything I've ever worn previously! I am going straight home to get some sun!! I am so excited! I think I will also use self tanner a bit so I can look my best in my new suits! Cute tiny tan booblets!! I can't wait! hehehehe


March 06, 2001

BTW, I meant to mention before but forgot. I told my new guy about my reduction and he was totally cool about it! He is glad that I am so happy about my new body and is totally supportive. This is so great! It's like a fresh start, you know? I am so happy and to think one of the things I worried most about was the fact that it would be tough to tell guys about, 'cause you don't want them going, "Eww, you have scars?" Or something to that affect, anyway. So, this has been a huge blessing to me. Thank you (GOD) and God bless all the people who have been so supportive throughout this entire ordeal. I am truly greatful!

Love and much respect!

Alecia Hope