My Story...continued


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Halleluah! What are the odds that someone built very much like myself, and as much or more active than I was, would be getting a breast reduction at the very time I thought about it the most!  As if that weren't awesome enough, Barbie told me that both of her sisters had had it, too!

        Here I was feeling totally alone, one minute, and the next minute giddy with excitement. I promptly proceded by getting Rita's phone # and, not wanting to be intrusive, got Barbie to give her the heads up that I would be calling.

        Finally! Someone who could not only understand my pain, but answer my questions with firsthand knowledge ! She was so nice, and told me everything I wanted/needed to know from her.

        But, most importantly, she referred me to her surgeon!

        Which brings me to the beginning of my journey. I set up my first appoinment....