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These are things that concerned me, and you may want to look into them. Don't forget to ask your doctor lots of questions:

Different doctor's have different ways of doing things. To me it was very important what they used, and how they did the procedure.

Staples vs. Stitches:

I was wary about staples. I didn't like the fact that they would leave more "holes" or "markings". I preferred stitches (dissolvable). Unfortunately, though, the dissolv. stitches do have their cons. There are many cases where the stitch won't dissolve, and will get infected. This has been described as a "blister" or "pimple" like bump. Your body should generally "spit" it out on it's own, but if the infection worsens, call your doctor.


Drains are purely determined by your personal doctor's preference. 

Anesthesia (aka Drugs!):

You will need to discuss with your doctor whether you have had any prior allergies or reactions to anesthesia. For some, it can make you very ill, including vomitting and/or nauseau, etc. Other side effects may include constipation, blurred vision/dry eyes, or other. If you have encountered these side effects before, discuss with your doctor how to prevent this, if at all possible.

Nipple Relocation/Reduction:

When having a smaller reduction it is common to leave the nipple attached. However if you are much larger, it will more than likely be necessary to perform a free graft, where they remove the nipple from the blood supply, move it to it's higher position, and reconnect it to your breast. As with all reductions, it is possible to lose the ability to breast feed. It is also a possibility to lose some, or in some cases, all feeling to the nipple. Be prepared for this reality.

Type of Procedure:

Every doctor has learned different ways of performing the BR. My doctor performs the typical pedicel method Reductions. The others that I know of are the Lejour Reduction, and liposuction reduction. Whatever you prefer, it still remains solely in the hands of your surgeon. This should be a factor in the stage of choosing a surgeon just right for you.

Mother Nature:

Ladies, don't forget that mother nature created this cruel thing called Gravity. So, keep that in mind forever after your surgery, to prevent having to go back for touch up surgeries.


More to come!