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Getting prepared: Emotionally

You're about to go through (literally) a life altering experience. It is only natural to get nervous. But, instead of focusing on all of the things you are scared of, think about all of the reasons you decided to do this to begin with! Focus on how happy you will be to finally have these weights lifted of your shoulders. Think of how comfortable you will be in your clothes. How comfortable you will be in your own skin. Think of people talking to your face first. Think about buying all of those cute bras at Victoria's Secret or a two piece bathing suit without having to switch out the top for one that is larger. Focus on all of these things, and breathe! Instead of getting nervous, get excited! You're about to become part of the IBTC...(The Itty Bitty Titty Committee) haha. Don't worry, and have fun with it!

Getting prepared: Physically

Because you probably won't want to go through all of this, again, you will want to get as fit as you can in the time you have. I know, I know! What a joke, you're saying. But, it can't hurt. I personally don't want to get a reduction, lose weight, and then have floppy, sad looking breasts. Also, if you are naturally an active person, you want to be fit enough that the time you will be taking off isn't going to hurt you. (Unfortunately I have/had a short period of time to do this.) Just remember that even if you only lose one pound, you'll feel better about yourself before the procedure, and feeling better about yourself, can only make things easier.

Getting your closet prepared:

After your BR surgery you will either be wearing bandages or some type of medical bra from the hospital. For the first week or so you are generally required to wear that 24/7. After that, they will tell you that you can stop wearing those (Thank God) and start wearing your own sports bras, or other types of support. It is important for the first while to wear something without underwire. They supposedly can re- open incisions or atleast irritate them.

You will want to buy two or three soft cotton sports bras that are a little larger than the size you are planned to be finally, because of the swelling that comes for the first bit of your recovery. Also buy one or two bras in the final size, for when the swelling goes down, but you are still healing. The reason to buy more than one is because of the drainage that usually occurs. You won't want to have to wash them too many times when you are already sore, and tired.

You can decide to do this next step before or after the surgery, or both! Getting your closet prepared: Generally it is presumed that some or most of your clothes will no longer fit after the procedure. You will want to make sure you buy some new tops, t-shirts, etc. for the size you plan to be. Also, be warned ladies to keep your receipts, because you might over estimate your final size and buy something that turns out still to be too large. ( What a lovely thought, huh?) It's also a good excuse anyhow to go shopping, and who doesn't love that.